Month: August 2022

Curry-Flavored Nigerian Stock Recipe

This flavorful broth is an essential ingredient for many Nigerian dishes, including jollof rice, fried rice, stew, chicken curry, and more.

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The Best Petty Knives of 2022

We tested petty knives—chopping dozens of vegetables and breaking down whole chickens to find out which models are worth buying.

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Velveeta Mac and Cheese

velveeta mac and cheese |

If you’re looking for the creamy mac and cheese of your childhood, this is it.

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The Best Ladles of 2022

After testing nine ladles, we found three favorites that cleanly served up thin soups and stocky stews and were easy to use and clean.

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Chile Relleno

chile relleno recipe |

A deep-fried, crisp pepper filled with gooey cheese served with classic ranchero sauce.

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We Tested 9 Muddlers to See Which Ones Were Best for Making Cocktails

We tested 9 muddlers to find the best for juicing citrus and muddling herbs. Our research showed the grip, head, and size of the muddler mattered.

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Fast Easy Tostada Recipe

tostada recipe |

Tostadas are like the ultimate giant nacho.

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Nigerian Chin Chin

A sweet, crunchy fried Nigerian snack flavored with nutmeg, vanilla, and citrus zest.

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Air Fryer Chicken Tacos

Air Fryer Chicken Tacos |

Crispy crunchy New Mexico style air fryer chicken tacos perfect for taco night.

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What Is a Wine Decanter and What Does It Do?

A wine expert covers the decanter basics: why, how, and what to buy. Plus, we go over when you shouldn’t bother with a wine decanter.

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